Lead Pastors 

Matthew and Mandy Reneau

Pastors Matthew and Mandy

Matthew and Mandy Reneau are a duo whose story is intertwined with a deep call to faith.  They both felt the tug of God's call early on and leaned into a life of service as teenagers.  Their paths met at Moody Bible Institute's class of 2006, where a missions trip over spring break sparked a love that's been burning bright ever since. Their strong marriage reflects their united front in serving God and His people.

 Matthew's calling and abilities have led him to take on roles including Executive Pastor, Chief Financial Officer, and Senior Pastor. His love for God and His Word along with His shepherd's heart for people combined with his strategic leadership and business training from the Kellogg School of Management MBA, have been a dynamic combination in his life's journey and impact.  

Mandy’s ministry is vibrant and varied, from launching and overseeing new ministries to leading teams,  prayer groups, and discipleship initiatives.  She has a passion for helping people become healed, set free, and walk in the purposes God has for their lives.

Both Matthew and Mandy are ordained ministers who are driven by a steadfast hunger for God's presence, with weekly prayer meetings serving as a core value of their ministry.  Their leadership style is deeply rooted in this presence-focused approach, ensuring that their own lives and ministry are always guided by the Holy Spirit.  

Raising Anna and Justice, Matthew and Mandy instill in their family the same Christ-centered love that marks their ministry. Their approach to life is to prioritize a personal altar that fuels their hands-on service, lighting the way for those around them.  As they venture into the future, the Reneaus are excited to see how God's story unfolds at Cornerstone and in the wider Sacramento community.